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Industry, Manufacturing, Construction & Transportation (IMCT)

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Programs of Study

AA to Baccalaureate Programs


Broward College offers the 60 credit-hour AA degree that transfers to the State University System Bachelor's Degree with the complete 36 credit-hour Baccalaureate General Education requirement and the opportunity to choose appropriate elective courses.  See below for a sampling of program maps for transfer baccalaureate majors from which to select:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Architecture (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
  • Interior Design
  • Transportation Management
  • Urban & Regional Planning

See an Advisor to make the appropriate course selections.


Career and Technical Education Programs including AS to Baccalaureate Programs


While Certificate and AAS degree programs prepare students for immediate employment, AS degree programs prepare students for employment as well as transfer to specific baccalaureate programs in the Florida College and the State University Systems. See below for programs from which to select:


  • Aircraft Airframe Mechanics PSAV (5272) (Program Map 2016-2017​)
  • Aircraft Powerplant Mechanics PSAV (527​3) (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
  • Automotive Service Management Tech AAS (A004) (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
    • Automotive Service Technician TC (6310)
    • General Automotive Technician TC (6326)
  • Automotive Technology, Dealer Specific AAS (A037) (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
    • ​Dealer Service Technician TC (6352) NEW
    • Dealer Line Technician TC (6351) NEW
  • Aviation Administration AS (2509) (Prog​ram Map 2016-2017)​ (specializations include: Air Traffic Control, Airport Operations, Commercial Pilot, or Management) 
    • Airport Management TC (6304)
  • Aviation Maintenance Management AS (2204) (Program Map 2016-2017​​​)
  • Avionics PSAV (5299) (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
  • Building Construction Technology AS (2184) (Program Map 2016-2017​​
    • Building Construction Technology Specialist TC (6315)
  • Engineering Technology AS (2207) (Program Map 2016-2017​​) 
    • Alternative Energy Sys. Specialist TC (6325)
    • Electronic Aide TC (63​22)​
    • Engineering Tech. Support Specialist TC (6314)​
    • CNC Machinist TC (6349) NEW
  • Industrial Management Technology AS (2194) (Program Map 2016-2017)
  • Marine Engineering Management, AAS (A040) (Program Map 2016-2017)
    • Marine Technology TC (6306)
    • Marine Electrician TC (6327)
    • Marine Propulsion TC (632​8)
    • ​Marine Systems TC (6342)
  • Professional Pilot Technology AS (21​07) (Program Map 2016-2017​​)
    • Commercial Flight Operations TC (6​321)
  • Supply Chain Management Operations AS (2​205) (Program Map 2016-2017)
    • Business Specialist: Logistics Specialist TC  (63​08) ​

​You will earn Technical Certificates related to your program of study as you earn your AA, AS, AAS or Bachelor's degree*

​Students needing access to a previous version of the program maps please click here and make an appointment with your advisor to review your educational plan.


Baccalaureate Programs (Requires an Associate's Degree or Dean's Approval for Admission – see Program Sheets for details)

Broward College offers the AA degree that transfers to the State University System with the complete 36 credit-hour Baccalaureate General Education requirement. Elective courses can be selected to meet the lower division requirements of baccalaureate degrees in fields such as:

Job Outlook and Earnings
Career Coach; Find the career that's right for you.Not sure where to start? Career options resources.Career Ladders: Salaries link.Virtual job shadow link. 
Learn more about the employment, earnings, and continuing education outcomes of Florida College System graduates by institution and major program of study.  The Economic Security Report materials are available at the following link
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